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Respite can take many different forms according to the needs of individual families and the services available.  For instance:

  • Respite can be planned or unplanned or happen in response to a crisis or emergency situation;
  • Respite can be regular, occurring at a regular time each week or at regular intervals or can be arranged on an ‘as needed basis’;
  • Respite can last a few hours, overnight or for several days;
  • Respite can occur in your own home, or in facilities in the community, or during out-of-home activities.

The options available to carers include:

  • Facility Based or Residential Respite:  This includes overnight or longer stays in respite houses or facilities  located within the community.
  • In-Home Care:  Respite can be provided in your own home, eg personal care or home help.  Services are provided by local councils, nursing services, specialist services, specialist providers or by private attendant care agencies.   In-home respite is usually provided for a few hours but can be arranged overnight.
  • Centre Based Respite:  Provides carers with a planned break during the daytime.  They include day programs, which offer regular day activities with a social or recreational focus, eg adult day activity support services, day centres and holiday programs.
  • Child Care:  Child Care Centres provide care to children with disabilities up to 6 years of age.
  • Host Family Care / Alternative Family Care (Respite Care in Providers’ Homes):  Some programs provide respite in the host carer’s own home eg. Interchange, foster care and family day care.
  • Recreation and Leisure Activities:  Assistance is given to enable older people or people with disabilities to make friends, and/or take part in recreation activities, camps, holidays or group recreation programs.
  • School Holiday Programs:  Programs are organised throughout the school holidays.  Programs have a recreational and social focus.
  • Flexible Respite / Brokerage Support Services:  Provide coordination and funding responsive to the individual need of the carer and/or the person being cared for.
  • Emergency Respite:  Support for carers and family members in unplanned or emergency situations when a person being cared for and/or family or carer need immediate assistance. (If you need assistance now call 1800 052 222).

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